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Traction Battery

Traction Battery Cleaning using Dry Ice

This battery took less than 30 minutes to clean with removal of all surface contaminants including corrosion. The factory remained operational whilst work was completed in an external loading bay with all waste collected and contained.

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Clean Traction Battery

If you have a fleet of electric vehicles and your Traction Batteries require a deep clean, get in touch. We can provide a regular service contract which will keep them sparkling and help to extend their service life.

Machine Tools

Dry Ice can provide an efficient and effective method to clean Machine Tools.  This is an example of weld spatter build up on tools withing the automotive sector.  Traditional methods of removal can damage tools leading to more problems. Clockwork operatives use dry ice pellets to remove the spatter from live lines with a rotational cleaning schedule.

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Clean Tools

Dry Ice has been used to remove weld spatter from machine tools in the automotive industry.  Clockwork has a fleet of Dry Ice Blasters with experienced operatives ready to deliver a range of services from demonstrations to establish efficiency through to deep cleans and regular maintenance work.  Contact us to discuss your requirement.

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If you would like to find out more about our services then please get in touch.  We can provide a range of demonstrations to assess the viability of any of our services.

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